College Rivalry Showdowns: Which Schools Have the Happiest Freshmen?

The college experience is never complete without the taste of a heated rivalry.

You know the deal as soon as you set foot on campus; no matter where you spend your four years of undergrad, there is always that one school that you and your fellow students will forever love to hate.

Usually, the hostility reaches its peak during meetings on the gridiron or the court, as the most devout fans can rattle off head-to-head series records faster than they can remember the names of close friends and family members. However, the best rivalries extend beyond athletics, where any sort of bragging rights are fair game.

That includes which school is more enjoyable. More...

5 Books Every Business Major Should Read

Whether this is your first semester along the journey to achieve an MBA or you've completed your educational career and are looking for your first job in the C-suite, you can learn from the men and women who have achieved success in the business world.

While most of us can't just pick up the phone and call these leaders for advice and inspiration, we can follow in their footsteps by getting to know the people who inspired them to pursue their dreams. There's no better way to do this than to read some of the books on their essential reading lists. More...

Who Was Your Childhood Hero?

What did you read as a kid? What TV show would you never miss? Who was your childhood hero?

This is a big day for me. May 2nd marks the U.S. premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Before I got out of bed this morning I was already reading the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, hoping that the positive reviews would bring comfort, despite the consensus thus far being the film is only 57% “fresh” over “rotten”.  But to be frank, I want this movie to win critic approval not because it affects how much I believe will love it, but because I want the critics to be equally thrilled and excited about this revamped (and vastly improved) version of my favorite comic book hero. More...

Spring DIY Projects

Are you looking for a fresh project to tackle now that spring is here? We’ve got the low-down on three spring DIYs that you can get done in no time at all!

  • Dip Dyed Cans. These are perfect for pencils, make up brushes, you name it! Chances are you’ve got some old cans lying around. Just peel off the label, clean off any adhesive and use your favorite colors. You can choose colors that already match your décor. Easy, and cheap! Find out more about this project.More...