Scholarship Time!

March marks the beginning of the end of the school year for both high school and college students. With that, comes the fast approaching deadlines that students face when applying for scholarships.

Below we have put together a small list of some scholarships you may be interested in. The list is ordered by the date they are due with the first one listed being the earliest. Check them out and start applying! More...

Can We Discuss This Weather?

It is currently 18°F here in Columbus. Two days ago it was 70° and I was running outside in shorts and a tee shirt. And I know that there is nothing more cliché and “small talkish” than discussing the weather, but I can’t help myself. This has been an insane winter in Columbus and I cannot wait for the steady warmth of spring to finally set in. My introverted-ness has reached its max capacity and I am ready to be out and doing things with other people instead of being held captive indoors lest I risk the loss of all feeling in my limbs. More...

Spring Cleaning!

This post is for those who have been suffering through the cold weather climates. The snow warriors who have put up with the grueling temperatures, the icy sidewalks, and relentless flurry of that four-letter word, sn*w.

The end is in sight.

Before we can break out the shorts and the shades, we have to roll up our sleeves and make our winter cocoon presentable again. Yes, that means fighting for every inch of living space and bringing the spring spirit directly into the dorm room! More...

Best Questions on Best Pictures

Without looking it up, name for me three Oscar winners from last year. If you were able to do so, you win. If not, welcome to the club. Despite having a minor degree in film studies, I couldn’t, without turning to Google, remember any Oscar winners from last year aside from Daniel Day Lewis’s win for Lincoln.

Generally I would blame this on what is admittedly my own terrible memory. But, my co-worker and fellow avid film fan, Isaiah, had the same blank expression when I asked him about last year’s Oscars. More...

How to – Make a DIY Chalkboard from a Thrift Store Painting

Are you looking for an affordable and fun project to spruce up your dorm or apartment? Why not make a chalkboard that you can use over and over again? We’ve got the low-down on how to do it and how to decorate it!

We found an old painting at a thrift store for less than $10. This painting had a great frame as well, but was not in the best condition. We knew with a little TLC, it could be a great addition to any décor!

Necessary Supplies:

  • Old painting or picture frame fitted with plywood
  • Paint thinner
  • Foam paint brush or regular paint brush
  • Sandpaper
  • Painters tape
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Scrap paper/newspaper (if using)
  • Colored spray paint (if using) More...