How to Find the Cheapest Textbooks



College tuition is becoming more and more expensive every year, not to mention the cost of textbooks. The average cost for textbooks at a four year public university is close to $1,200 a year. One way to save money is to shop online for your textbooks. Online textbook stores, like TextbookRush, offer unbeatable prices, free shipping on orders over $35.00 and a 30 day 100% guarantee.


TextbookRush was named the “Best” online textbook store to buy, rent and sell textbooks at competitive prices with speedy delivery, by U.S. News. Plus on orders over $35.00, shipping is free! We were also mentioned for providing international editions, which are often cheaper and very similar to U.S. editions. Just in case you decide to drop a class or do not want the book you ordered, we provide a 30 day 100% guarantee.


If you are still wondering if we really are the BEST online textbook store Reseller Ratings gave us a 9.12 out of 10 based on our customer reviews. Trust Pilot gave us an 8.7 out of 10 based on our customer reviews. Below are just a few examples of what our past customers had to say about their experience.



Buying college textbooks does not need to be expensive this year. Let us help you find all the books you need at super low prices. Whether you decide to buy or rent your textbooks, you will be saving a ton of money. Plus, you will avoid standing in those long lines at campus bookstores! Start finding your textbooks now.



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