How TextbookRush Celebrated the Holiday Season

TextbookRush celebrated the holiday season with a company party including an ugly sweater contest and gift exchange.

We started off the party with a catered BBQ lunch and then circled up to start the gift exchange. We played a game, which required multiple gift swapping, until everyone had a different gift in their hands than the one they brought.

The gifts ranged from dart guns, Starbucks gift cards, bottles of wine and so many other great gifts.

Our ugly sweater winner, which is full of Holiday cheer, won a $50 gift card.

It was a great way to spend the holidays together, and we all got some pretty neat stuff!

What have you enjoyed the most over the winter break?

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My Christmas was very special, exciting, bless. I was happy to have my oldest son home. We have not spent Christmas together in 2yrs. It was special to me just knowing that I were able to help a family to get Christmas. And just being with my spouse, children and family made it bless. Just knowing we all was alive is more than bless. What we did was sing, joke around and eat together. Also play family games which was a bunch of laughter.


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