Halloween Fun at TextbooRush!

At TextbookRush we love to compete! Similar to the contest we had on the site, we had a costume contest at the office.

We had 3 categories:

  1. Most creative costume
  2. Scariest costume
  3. Best overall costume

Unfortunately, I did not win any of the categories. I was a fox - oh yes, just like the song. I put my phone in my pocket and played the song for everyone to hear. They never did thank me for that...

Our winners were absolutely fantastic! We had spider who won for scariest - she managed to pull off two different eye colors! For most creative, someone dressed up as me. More specifically, a boy dressed up as me (I'm female in case you didn't know). That definitely wins for most creative! We also had a gumball machine, Scooby-Doo, a couple of pumpkins (literally, they are married and dressed as pumpkins), The Doctor and Bob the Builder!

We hope you enjoyed Halloween as much as we did!

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