Who Was Your Childhood Hero?

What did you read as a kid? What TV show would you never miss? Who was your childhood hero?

This is a big day for me. May 2nd marks the U.S. premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Before I got out of bed this morning I was already reading the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, hoping that the positive reviews would bring comfort, despite the consensus thus far being the film is only 57% “fresh” over “rotten”.  But to be frank, I want this movie to win critic approval not because it affects how much I believe will love it, but because I want the critics to be equally thrilled and excited about this revamped (and vastly improved) version of my favorite comic book hero. More...

Best Questions on Best Pictures

Without looking it up, name for me three Oscar winners from last year. If you were able to do so, you win. If not, welcome to the club. Despite having a minor degree in film studies, I couldn’t, without turning to Google, remember any Oscar winners from last year aside from Daniel Day Lewis’s win for Lincoln.

Generally I would blame this on what is admittedly my own terrible memory. But, my co-worker and fellow avid film fan, Isaiah, had the same blank expression when I asked him about last year’s Oscars. More...