Benefits Of Joining A School Club

Whether you’re a college freshman or an upperclassman, you have a lot to gain by joining clubs. Do you think you’re too busy? Not interested? Wait. Before writing off the idea, have you considered all the advantages that come from membership? From an athletic club to a cultural group or a club relating to your chosen major, club participation can dramatically add to the college experience. To prove it, here’s a look at some of the biggest benefits they offer: More...

Graduation Goggles

According to Urban Dictionary, Graduation Goggles are defined as “The relief and nostalgic feeling one has about a time in their life when it is about to end, even if the time was completely miserable.” (Source: Urban Diction)

We hope that your time in college has been awesome, and now that you’re graduating, we’ve compiled the list of some of the most memorable moments:

     Move-In Day. You’re moving out, into a dorm with a new roommate. The butterflies are strong and your mom’s probably crying. This is definitely a day in the record books. More...