5 Ways To Get The Best Deals On Textbooks

This semester, don’t let your college textbook bills get out of hand. Instead of waiting until the last minute and paying premium prices, shop strategically for the best textbook deals now. While it’s true that school books tend to be pricey, it’s also true that there are lots of ways to cut costs. All you need is to know where to look. With that in mind, to help you get the best deal on textbooks possible this year, here are five strategies to try:

  1. Buy online. You already shop online for everything else, so why not use the Internet to your advantage for textbooks, too? Explore online deals on textbooks and find an easy, efficient way to compare prices and scope out the best available rate. When you choose a place from which to buy, you can buy with confidence, knowing you’ve looked at the competition. What’s more, you can purchase from wherever you are and then wait for your book to come to you.
  2. Buy used. A great way to get college textbook deals is by shopping for used copies. Buy a previously owned copy of a textbook you need, and you can shave a big percentage of the price off your bottom line. What’s more, if you find you no longer need the book after your course is complete, you can sell it back and recoup more of your initial costs.
  3. Rent. You won’t be able to sell a rented book back at the end of the semester, but, if you choose to rent, you will be able to get the book you need for a cheaper rate. Shop around for rental prices to see how they compare with buying used copies of books online.
  4. Borrow. As soon as you know your book list, ask classmates and friends to see if someone you know already has a copy of something you need. Check the library. You could get lucky! If you’re able to borrow the book for class, it will be free.
  5. Find an international edition. Here’s a lesser-known way to buy textbooks for cheap: Buy international editions instead of the American versions. In many cases, international editions are identical to their counterparts, except for their covers. By being willing to pick up a version with a different look, you could cut your total expense by a hefty chunk.

Whether your major is business, English or pre-med, you can save yourself significant spending by buying textbooks carefully. Use the tips above to spot the best prices on the books you need. At TextbookRush, we offer the best prices on textbooks of all kinds. Search our site to learn more!

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