College Rivalry Showdowns: Which Schools Have the Happiest Freshmen?

The college experience is never complete without the taste of a heated rivalry.

You know the deal as soon as you set foot on campus; no matter where you spend your four years of undergrad, there is always that one school that you and your fellow students will forever love to hate.

Usually, the hostility reaches its peak during meetings on the gridiron or the court, as the most devout fans can rattle off head-to-head series records faster than they can remember the names of close friends and family members. However, the best rivalries extend beyond athletics, where any sort of bragging rights are fair game.

That includes which school is more enjoyable. More...

Best Questions on Best Pictures

Without looking it up, name for me three Oscar winners from last year. If you were able to do so, you win. If not, welcome to the club. Despite having a minor degree in film studies, I couldn’t, without turning to Google, remember any Oscar winners from last year aside from Daniel Day Lewis’s win for Lincoln.

Generally I would blame this on what is admittedly my own terrible memory. But, my co-worker and fellow avid film fan, Isaiah, had the same blank expression when I asked him about last year’s Oscars. More...